10 June, 2014

Alice Coltrane “Yamuna Tira Vihari (Turiya Sings)”

7 May, 2013

New Purling Hiss kills it

6 May, 2013

Three days ago Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks, a Jamaican saxophone player and overall brilliant dude, passed away in Queens. Shit, if I knew he lived in Queens, or even had the courtesy of trying to find out, I’d go out there and find him long ago and maybe have a talk. But this kinda news just rolls in again and again. The coolest story I ever heard about Brooks, which I still don’t know to be totally true, is that he once came to the States and tried out for Sun Ra’s band and was cut, or given the boot or something like that. Brooks was among a shitload of really amazing musicians and artists doing some of the most mind-bending shit in Jamaica in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I really fucking wish I knew he was living in Queens.

6 May, 2013

I’m a stranger through and through…